Have fun learning again. is a place where anyone can find something to learn and pratice anytime for free.

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Sometimes files or manuals are missing and Internet can be a hard way to find them without help. This Magic Search provides a simple way to reach them.

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Wazemmes is a district of Lille. And as a resident, I'm often looking for a good place to find my beer. The map helps me by showing all the bars open right now.

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This is my very first blog, created in 2009 while I was a student. Filled with experiences, tests, news and fun things to know about "the Internet".

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"Tech" blog

A friendly reminder of tips & tricks found while learning new tech skills. Created using Markdown.

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Giphy TV clone

At first, it was only a gift for a friend. But I've been asked to release this Giphy powered webapp as a downloadable side project.

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Made In Lille

A website created to find and chat easily with every single content creator based in Lille, France.

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Colour Clock

From a simple test of using math and time in JavaScript, this little script turns current time into color code.

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"I see dead projects"

Here is a collection of old projects. Some may still be online, others have been lost forever.

By the way

Here are some things to know or links to follow. Thanks for passing by, I hope we'll get in touch soon. And, enjoy life!
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I mainly work remotely on my websites, using a Chromebook.
I really don't rely on a specific device.


If a project needs to die, I let it die. I stopped counting how many websites I've launched.


I like to show my work using Twitter. You can follow me at @kxrz. Don't be shy, let's talk.


As a huge fan of music creativity, I publish playlists on Spotify. Sometimes on Soundcloud too.


Emails are sometimes fun to read, but I rarely reply to a stranger. First, let's be "friends" on LinkedIn!


Born and raised in the North of France, I try to travel as often as I can. Follow my backpack adventures on Instagram.