A place where my digital experiences are.

kxrz is an alias for Florent Bertiaux. 

When I published my very first website, I knew I'll need a nickname to be visible on the Internet. Don't try to search why I choose "kxrz", it's a long and boring story. Facts are: I create things for me and people using the web, I publish those everywhere I can, I try to make sense when I make something, I'm the guy who believe in people's kindness.

Getting Started

You are currently viewing the home page of my so-called portfolio. Here's a quick list of my recent projects alive:

  1. This website, yes.
  2. My main blog (in french): bertiaux.fr
  3. My so-called tech blog (in english): blog.kxrz.me
  4. My work as a freelancer: leswww.com

More Projects

  • Discovering what's new in space: shrug.space
  • Awesome tools with great advices: quifaitquoi.xyz
  • Tool to find any manual : rtfm.lol
  • Need a beer in Lille, France? Try wazm.fr
  • If you are looking for a nice way to display GIFs on a TV or big screen, you should try out: GiphyTV clone.
  • If you want to know what's in my ears (in mean music), give a try to this: kxrz.me/lastfmkxrz

Online Resources

Feel free to use my online tools:

I'm Social

There are many ways to reach me: